Zine Draft Now Available!

We’ve just finished a draft version of our zine, which you can now download here!

Awareness Zine #1

Before we print a larger number of copies in a few weeks, we would appreciate very much to receive feedback and critique on the zine in its current state! Last minute submissions are also possible ;)…

P.S. We are also hoping to translate this zine into German and French (at least)… please shoot us a mail – at: nouvellesarmes (at) riseup (dot) net – if you’d be willing to help out a bit with translation.

love and anarchy!

Call For Submissions

Contact: nouvellesarmes@riseup.net

We are a small group currently creating a zine about how to practice and implement the concept of ‘awareness’ in the context of parties, action camps, workshops and other settings. We’d like to include short texts on people’s concrete experiences with this practice. So, if you’d be up for writing a piece on your own experiences of getting help from an awareness team, using a safe(R) space, being on an awareness team, or experiences where the idea of awareness didn’t out so well, etc. please forward them on to us!

Short responses (a few paragraphs) would be perfect, although longer pieces are also welcome!
We are interested in hearing people’s stories and hearing whether people have had good experiences with the practice of awareness, what they found useful, what they felt was not so useful or was lacking, or whatever you want to share.

English or German are both fine (or if another language is better for you we can find someone to translate, too!).



This blog is connected to an ongoing zine project on the topic of ‘awareness’.

About us: We’re a small Berlin-based group interested in exchanging ideas about community accountability strategies that try to fight oppression at the everyday level! So, to start with we thought we’d share a few insights from our personal attempts to create structures of community accountability and implement strategies of anti-oppression in our own surroundings. We’d also like to provide a platform for others to exchange their experiences in this area.

Please send contributions, criticism or general feedback to: nouvellesarmes@riseup.net

love and anarchy!

the A-team